The Team

Fun, one-punch approach: Come join us for money, love and martabak.

Serious(ish) approach: We're enthusiastic learner, high achiever, and tech geek with a sense of humor. If you're looking for a fun team with high learning curve and commitment to excellence, this is where you belong.


Fun Environtment

At Anti Grvty, we value work-life balance. Working with us should not only be challenging but rewarding. We give you the freedom to manage your own time and take pride of your work. We give our team the chance to give their best and to celebrate.



We believe that digital world is rapidly changing, which is why we highly encourage you to be a keen learner. We empower you with the best learning environment possible to unleash your full potential. We create podcasts, attend meetups and join workshops to broaden our knowledge and network.


Diverse Projects

Working in agency, you will get the chance to handle different kind of projects. You will be facing different kind of clients from different field to you expand your experience and enrich your skillsets. You will not stuck into routines and will always have your creative juices flowing.

Open Positions

We are always open for fresh graduate, part-time or freelance