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Digital Agency

Finnet Wallet

Finnet create an e-wallet application using integration with Cellum SDK. This e-wallet have some features like login and registration for the users and barcode scan to pay at the store. Several type of payment like wallet system and credit card.

Development, UI/UX, Product, Applications
Digital Agency

Taro Corn Puff

In collaborations between AntiGravity and Akaraya. We help TPS Food to build their presence in digital world.

Digital, Branding, Product, Website


Fell safe everywhere, every time. People-Help-People.

Development, UI/UX, Product, Applications


The new easy fun way to buy and sell things online from mobile.

Digital, Fashion, Product, e-Commerce
Digital Agency


We help Finnet to build UI/UX and development for a new FinPay.

Development, UI/UX, Product, Design
Interface Design


A redesign concept for On-Trucks Application by AntiGrvty.

Digital, Design, Product, UI/UX